2017 - 09 - 05
Compared with the previous version:What's new 1. new functionsthe new three models: GC9 , NL-3 and EC7-13T 2. optimized functions 1) Optimization of diagnostic software 3. fixed bugs None
2017 - 09 - 01
Compared with the previous version: upates as following: 1. New Functions 1) Added the following ABS system special function for 2016-2017 XC90, S90, V90: calibrate brake control module (BCM) internal hydraulic control unit 2) Added the following CEM system special functions for 2016-2017 XC90, S90, V90: reset drunk driving locking device avoidance counter, set max allowed avoidance times for drunk driving locking device 3) Added the following SODL and SODR system special functions for 2016-2017 XC90, S90, V90: left/right side obstacle detection control module (SODL/SODR) calibration, complete...
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