2018 - 02 - 05
Compared with the previous version: updates as following: functions 1)Add Basic Function for 6 models of ALASKAN , KAPTUR, KOLEOS II, KOLEOS II CN, MEGANE IV SEDAN and SCENIC IV. 2)Optimized Basic Function for CAPTUR,KANGOO II, KANGOO ZE StopStart ph2, MASTER III, MEGANE IV and TWIZY. 2.optimized functions 1)NONE 3.fixed bugs 1)NONE Support products: CReader professional 123、CRP123-AP、CRP123-EU、CRP123_LA、CREADER VII+、CReader professional 129、CRP129_LA、CREADER VIII、Crp12x、WD2 iCarSoft、CRPlus iCarSoft、TOPDON、CR789(CReaderP、CReaderCN)
2018 - 02 - 05
Compared with the previous version: 1. new functions 1) LED Lamp Driver Module Initialization 2) LIN New Module Initialization-IPMB 2. optimized functions 1) software optimization 2) AIT system function configuration 3) Optimize the EVIN interface process 4) Optimized transit injector programming 5) Optimization of Mondeo wave box matching learning 3. fixed bugs 1) Optimize FCDIM action test 2) Optimization focus module programming,parameter programming 3) Optimize fusion PATS function
2018 - 02 - 05
Compared with the previous version: updates as following: 1.New features 1)Added support for EXPERT(KO) 2)Added support for TRAVELLER 3)Added support for Partner 2 (M69) 4)Added the quick test system report 5)Added support for the Engine system DCM62_F of BOXER3 EURO6 2.Improved functionality 1)Optimize the software structure 3.Problem Modifications None Support products: X431V,X431V+,X431V+(2016),X431V(2016),X431 Pro, X431 PRO(2016), X431 PRO3、X431 PRO3S,X431 PRO4,ScanPad071,ScanPad101,X431 PADIII, Golo Master,EasyDiag2.0,CRP229, PRO Mini,X431 PADII, DIAGUN IV,EasyDiag For Android,golo easyda...
2018 - 02 - 03
Compared with the previous version: 1. New functions 1) Added the function Actuation Test for following cars models of Land Rover:2007-2012 Defender、2005-2017 Discovery、2005-2017 RangeRover Sport、2006-2017 RangeRover、2007-2017 FreeLander、2012-2017 Range Rover Evoque、2012-2017 Range Rover Evoque、2016-2017 Range Rover Evoque C、2016-2017 Range Rover Evoque JV、2015-2017 Discovery Sport,and for the following car models of Jaguar: 2007-2017 XK、2014-2017 F-Type、2008-2017 XF、2010-2017 XJ、2016-2017 XE、2017 F-Pace. 2) Added the function : Oxygen sensor、Yaw rate sensor calibration、Oxidation catalyst for ...
2018 - 02 - 03
Compared with the previous version: 1. New Functions None 2. Optimized Functions None 3. Fixed Bugs 1. Corrected the TCM selector lever N gear learning function for 2013 Cascada. 2. Corrected the PSCM steering angle sensor center function for 2016 Adam. 3. Corrected the ECM flywheel learning/DPF pressure sensor learning function for 2014 Astra-J. 4. Corrected the BCM stop/start system data stream function for 2016 Meriva-B. 5. Corrected the ECM special functions and SDM yaw rate sensor learning function for 2017 Insignia. 6. Corrected the ECM cooling fan function and SDM yaw rate sensor learni...
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