2018 - 06 - 07
Compared with the previous version: updates as following: 1.Summary Added 50 actuation test and special functions for systems such as the Engine, A/T, and Body Electronics, including DI fuel pressure test, camera calibration, and radar calibration. Added the Manual Oil Reset function for some common car models. Added diagnostic support for 5 subsystem types of the systems such as Multi-view Camera and Body Electronics. 2.New Functions 1)Added diagnostic support for the following: Multi-view Camera system MVCPA type, Electric vacuum pump system EVPS2 type, Integrated Motor Assist system AIMA2 t...
2018 - 06 - 06
Compared with the previous version: Compared with the V41.97 What's new 1. Summary This version mainly optimized all developed systems' version information, Read DTCs, Data Stream for Corsa-D, Astra-H,Zafira-B,Meriva-B,Agila-B, Vivaro(PH3), and so on. Also makes the system cover for these vehicles more complete. 2.New Functions 1).Added the Engine system's basic functions in 2010 Movano; 2).Added the Engine,Transmission, Body,Instrument Cluster,Remote Heater and Air Conditioning Control Module2、Parking Assist Control Module、Supplemental Inflatable Restraint System、Headlamp Control Module、Auxil...
2018 - 06 - 06
Compared with the previous version: updates as following: 1.Summary None 2.New Functions None 3.Optimized Functions 1)Optimize to enter software speed. 2)Optimize data stream refresh rate. 4.Fixed Bugs None Support products: X431 PRO、X431 PRO3、X431 PRO3S、X431 PRO3S+、X431 PADIII
2018 - 06 - 04
Compared with the previous version: 1.Outline Redevelopment of SGMW diagnostic software . Support 25 models such as E100,Baojun 310,Baojun 310W,Baojun 330,Baojun 510,Baojun 560,Baojun 730,Baojun Lechi, Baojun 610, Baojun 630, Wuling Hongguang,Wuling Hongguang S,Wuling Hongguang S1,Wuling Hongguang S1 Honour,Wuling Hongguang S3,Wuling Hongguang V,Wuling Rongguang,Wuling Rongguang-trucks,Wuling Rongguang S,Wuling Rongguang S dual fuel,Wuling Rongguang extended cars,Wuling Rongguang extended cars-trucks,Wuling Xiaoxuanfeng,Wuling Zhengcheng,Wuling Sunshine,Wuling Sunshine S,Wuling Sunshine V, Wul...
2018 - 05 - 30
Compared with the previous version: 1.Outline New model Changhe M70 features New model Changhe M70, including engine, body control system, instrumentation system, anti-theft controller, power steering system, wisdom Can enter the system, airbag system 3.optimize the function None 4.fix the problem None
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