Toyota Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V49.15

Date: 2018-05-17
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Compared with the previous version: updates as following: 1. Summary Optimization of software structrue 2.Optimized Functions Optimization of software structrue Support products: X431V,X431V+,X431V+(2016),X431V(2016),X431 Pro, X431 PRO(2016), X431 PRO3、X431 PRO3S, X431 PRO4,ScanPad071,ScanPad101,X431 PADIII,GoloMaster,EasyDiag2.0,CRP229,X431 PADII, EasyDiag For Android,HD2, X431 IV ,Diagun III、X431 Pad、Matco PAD,MaxMe,Maximus2.0,MaxGo, X431-GDS I, X431-GDS II, X431 iDiag、goloEasyDiag+, golo技师合版,CRP329,DiagunIV,X431-PADII D3,MaxGoA,promini, E-VIN,CRP429
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New Functions:1) Added Special Functions for MIMAMORI System:1.EOL Data Setting/Change(Engine(Diesel),Turbo Controller,Smoother G,ABS/ASR/EBS,Air Sus,Engine Type,T/M Type,Tire Radius,Final Ratio,Vehic...
2019 - 01 - 17
New Functions:1) Added actuation test and special functions for the Brake systems (ABSE2, ABSE4, EBS, EBS2, EBS2C, EBS3).2) Added actuation test and special functions for the Airbag systems (AEBS, ALS...
2019 - 01 - 17
New Functions:1. Add Version Information function of HIACE Vehicle’s DK5 Engine System, WFLD SCR System, 4GA1-2 Engine System, 4GA1 2.0T Engine System2. Add Version Information function of IVY Vehicle...
2019 - 01 - 17
New Function:Added traditional Chinese language.
2019 - 01 - 17
Fixed Bugs1) Optimized actuation test for the SAVVY Engine.2) Optimized the Oil Reset for Suprima S.3) Optimized variant coding for the Saga NFE and Persona NFE ABS.
2019 - 01 - 17
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