VOLVO Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V43.80

Date: 2018-04-16
Clicks: 103
Compared with the previous version: updates as following: I. Summary 1. Corrected the carbon particle combustion functions for 2004-2015 S40, S60, S80, C30, C70, V40, V50, XC60; added the carbon particle combustion functions for 2009 V70 and 2013 XC90. II. New Functions Added the carbon particle combustion function for the following: 1. 2009 V70 D5244T5 and D4204T engines 2. 2013 XC90 engine III. Optimized Functions 1. None IV. Fixed Bugs Corrected the carbon particle combustion function for the following: 1. 2004-2010 S40 D4204T, D4164T, D4204T2 engines 2. 2007 S60 D5244T5 engine, 2014-2015 S60 D4204T5 engine 3. 2007-2008 S80 D5244T5 engine, 2012 S80 D5244T15 engine 4. 2007 C30 D4164T engine 5.2007 C70 D5244T8 engine 6. 2013 V40 D5204T6 engine, 2015 V40 D4204T14 engine 7. 2007 and 2009 V50 D4164T engine, 2011 V50 D5204T engine, 2013 V60 D82PHEV engine 8. 2009 XC60 D5244T5 engine, 2010 XC60 D5244T16 engine, 2012 XC60 D5244T15 engine 9. 2007 XC90 D5244T4 engine, 2011 XC90 D5244T5 engine Support products: X431 V、X431 V+、X431V+ (2016)、X431V (2016)、X431 PRO、X431 PROS+、X431 PRO (2016)、X431 PRO3、X431 PRO3S、X431 PRO3S+、X431 PRO4、ScanPad071、ScanPad071 (2016)、ScanPad101、X431 PADIII、X431 PADIII (2017)、Golo Master、GoloMaster2、GoloMaster2Plus、EasyDiag2.0、CRP229、X431 PADII、X431 PADIID2、X431 PADIID3、X431 PAD IIA、X431 Torque 、EasyDiag For Android、Golo MobileDiag、golo easydiag+、Golo技师、Golo技师合并版、PRO MINI、CRP329、DIAGUN IV、PROLITE、MaxMe、Maximus2.0、Maximus3.0、MaxGo、MaxGoA、X431 HTT、E-VIN、VinCube (2016)、AIT、AIT_PILE、CRP_429、PADIVD4、X431_HD2、X431 iDiag
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New Functions:1) Vehicle Type Select-Mode 025:Read Trouble Code、Clear Trouble Code、Read Datastream、Actuation Test、Version Information And Other Functions2) Vehicle Type Select-Mode 026:Read Trouble Co...
2019 - 02 - 22
New Function:GM、BENZ: Newly developed.
2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) MAZDA: Newly developed;2) SGM: Newly developed;3) BMW: Added support to other modes;4) BENZ: Added injector matching function for VAN (Commercial Vehicle) VITO/VIANO 639 (As of 2008);...
2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) AUDI: Added Audi third-generation anti-theft matching function, optimized Audi remote key learning function and added Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda k...
2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) FIAT: Added oil reset function of new modes for Fiat 500, 500L, 500X, CINQUECENTO, DOBLO, DUCATO, FIORINO QUBO, FREEMONT, Novo Uno FL, OTTIMO, PANDA, PUNTO EVO, VIAGGIO, EGGA/TIPO, TO...
2019 - 02 - 22
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