PORSCHE Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V23.20

Date: 2018-07-24
Clicks: 370
Compared with the previous version: updates as following: 1. Summary Added the service function for the 918 and Cayenne-2010 systems. Added the freeze frame function for all Porsche models. Optimized actuation test and coding function for Cayenne (-2010), 911 (997), 911 (996). Added automatic coding for Cayenne (2011-), Panamera, Boxster(981), 991, Macan, 918s. 2. New Functions 1) Added the following functions for the 918 system: 1> Added the functions Short-term Test, Tank Leak Diagnosis, and Ready Status for the engine system. 2> Added the function Set Total Mileage for the instrument cluster system. 3> Added the function Check Parking Brake Basic Setting and Calibration for the parking brake system. 4> Added the functions Battery Replacement and Actual/Specified Configuration for the gateway system. 5> Added the functions Passenger Detection and Replacement/Debug for the airbag system. 6> Added the functions Start Key to Keep Solenoid and Wiper Angle Adaptation for the front-end electronic system. 7> Added the battery classification function for the high voltage battery system. 8> Added the calibration and drive link test: shock absorber valve function for the horizontal control system. 9> Added the functions brake exhaust, speed sensor test, rolling test mode, sensor group compensation, static test for the PSM system. 10> Added the steering angle sensor calibration function for the steering wheel electronic element system. 11> Added the functions Read Permanent Fault Memory and Oil Filling for the gearbox system. 2) Added the following functions for the CAYENNE-2010 system: 1> Added the system test and actual value function for the advanced weight system. 2> Added the system check function for the TPMS system. 3> Added the functions Reset Low Beam Operation Value, Reset High Beam Operation Value, Reset Static Steering Lamp Operation Value, System Exchange, and AHBA Calibration for the left headlamp control unit system. 4> Added the synchronous test function for the right headlamp control unit system. 5> Added the single line test, sleep mode, nominal and actual configuration, wake up line, reset, wake up monitor function for the gateway system. 6> Added adaptation and short-term test for the engine system. 3) Added the freeze frame function for all Porsche models. 4) Added the automatic coding function for Cayenne (2011-), Panamera, Boxster(981), 991, Macan, 918s. 3. Optimized Functions 1) Optimized actuation test for Cayenne (-2010), 911 (997), 911 (996). 2) Optimized the coding function for Cayenne (2011-), Panamera, Boxster(981), 991, Macan, 918s. 3) Optimized the text libraries in Chinese and Korean. 4. Fixed Bugs 1) Corrected the DTC and data stream functions for the engine system of Cayenne (-2010). Support products: X431PRO3SPlus 、X431PROSPlus 、X431 Pro、X431 Pro3、X431Pro3S、X431Pro2016、X431-V、X431-V+、X431V2016、X431VPLUS2016、ScanPad071、ScanPad101、CRP329、ProLite、PADII 、MAXIMUS2.0、 MAXIMUS3.0、PADIII 、PADIII2017、X431HTT 、X431_AIT、AIT_PILE、CRP_429、PADIID3、X431PADV、X431PADV_S、THROTTLE,X431PAD4D4、PADIVD4 Surface_CrashCube、 Surface_VinCube
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