JMC Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V12.80

Date: 2018-06-21
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Compared with the previous version: updates as following: 1. Summary Add New YuHu,YuSheng S330,New YuSheng S350,TeShun,N601,N310 1.8GDI gasoline and other model systems.Add basic functions of Baodian / Baowei Bosch Diesel EDC17C63.Optimize menu structure.update the fault code library. 2. New Function 1)Add New YuHu UASE Engine,Diesel-Bosch-C63, ZF-Transmition-6AT, Bosch-ESP, Continental-SRS, TongZhi-BCM, Visteon-ICM, Visteon-AC, Gasoline-LEAR-PEPS, Diesel-LEAR-PEPS, Borgwaner-4WD-TCCU, BaoLong-TMPS 14 basic functions. 2) Add YuSheng S330 Continental-EMS ,Bosch-ESP9,Continental/AVL-TCU, ZF-EPS,Bosch-SRS, LEAR-PEPS,TongZhi-BCM,Visteon-ICM,Whetron-360°AVM,Whetron-IMMO,BaoLong-TMPS, XinDian-AC, HuaYang-MP5 13 basic functions and some special functions. 3)Add New YuSheng S350 UASE Engine,Diesel-Continental-EMS, ZF-Transmition-6AT,Bosch-ESP,Continental-SRS,TongZhi-BCM,Visteon-ICM, Visteon-AC,LEAR-PEPS, Diesel-LEAR-PEPS,Borgwaner-4WD-TCCU ,Whetron-360° AVM 12 basic functions. 4)Add light guest/JiangLing TeShun engine, anti-lock brake and airbag system basic functions and some special functions. 5)Add Pickup/N310 1.8GDI gasoline engine, anti-lock brake and airbag system basic functions and some special functions. 6)Add light truck/N601 YATAI ABS and JOY LONG Airbag KD5.2 system basic functions. 7) Add BaoDian and BaoWei Bosch diesel oil system (C63) basic functions and action functions. 3. Optimized Function 1)Optimize menu structure, 2)update the fault code library. 4.Fixed Bugs 1)NONE Support products: X-431 Pro, X431 Pro3S,X431 Pro3, PADIII、HTT
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New Functions:1) OPEL: Added OPEL Insignia-B, Corsa-E, Astra K, Karl/Viva, Combo D, Crossland X and Grandland X models; 2) GM: Added support for mdi model; 3) MAZDA: Added 2016-2018 MAZDA Es...
2019 - 02 - 20
New Functions:1) GM: Added support to mdi models;2) MAZDA: Modified manual menu, added 2016-2018 MAZDA2 (Europe), MAZDA6 (China), Biante (Japan), MAZDA2 (EURO STG3/4 Specs.) and other models;3) BMW: A...
2019 - 02 - 20
Optimization Function:The software structure has been optimized
2019 - 02 - 20
Optimization Functions:1) Integrate the After treatment system of SINOTRUCK`s SCR;2) Remove the redundant parameter calibration function of Bosch common rail;3) Optimized the DTC library of engine and...
2019 - 02 - 20
New Functions:1) New Add Vehicle GWM C30EV;2) New Add Vehicle HAVAL H4;3) New Add Vehicle HAVAL H6_2017;4) New Add Vehicle HAVAL M6;5) New Add Vehicle WEY VV5;6) New Add Vehicle WEY VV7;Optimization F...
2019 - 02 - 20
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