2017 - 12 - 11
Compared with the previous version: 1. New Function 1) None 2. Optimized Function 1) Optimized the software structure. 3. Fixed Bugs 1) None
2017 - 12 - 08
Compared with the previous version: 1.New Functions 1) Added support for 2017-2018 models 2.Optimized Functions 1) Optimized the Basic functions and special functions of some systems. 3.Fixed Bugs 1) None
2017 - 12 - 07
Compared with the previous version: upates as following: functions 1)Optimized the following functions for the ABS and UCH systems of ESPACE V, KADJAR, KADJAR CN, KOLEOS II, SCENIC IV: UCH configuration, speedometer index, write last after-sales date, check target gear teeth, sensor calibration, understand idle air quantity, tire pressure monitoring matching. 2)Added the following 18 car models for Renault Samsung sub-software: CAPTUR, CLIO IV, MEGANE IV SEDAN, KOLEOS, KOLEOS II, KOLEOS II CN, TALISMAN SM6, NEW SM3/FLUENCE, LATITUDE/SM5, SM7 L47, TWIZY, SM3, SCALA SM3/CF, SM5, SM5 EX...
2017 - 12 - 07
Compared with the previous version:1. new functions 1) The new product X431 AIT support 5008,2008,T200,T600,V10,Z100,Z300,Z500,M300,SR7,Z200,Z700,DamyX5 models 2. optimized functions None 3. fixed bugs None;Support product:X431_AIT
2017 - 12 - 04
Compared with the previous version: 1. new functions 1) New 332 special functions are added,such as AFTER DPF REPLACEMENT, AFTER DPF REGENERATION and DPF DATA CLEAR under the engine system and CALIBRATION DATA and CLTCH TOUCHPOINT ADJST under transmission system and CHECK TARGET TEETH under ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) system and other special functions. 2) The basic function of 109 new ECU is added,such as engine, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), BCM (Body Control Module), SRS (Supplemental Inflatable Restraint System) ,transmission system and other systems under the new addition of ...
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