2017 - 10 - 17
Compared with the previous version: upates as following: 1.New features 1) Added 906 (2013 years ago) engine, gearbox, natural gas, transfer case, LPG, air conditioning and other system action test and matching function (not including code, programming, SCN) 2) Added 906 (after 2013) part of the engine, electronic ignition switch, gearbox, electronic stability and other systems matching function. 2.Optimization function no 3.Fixed bugs no Support products: MaxMe、Maximus2.0、MaxGo 、X431 V、X431 V+、X431V+(2016)、X431V(2016)、X431 Pro、 X431 PRO(2016)、X431 PRO3、X431 PRO3S、 X431 PRO4、ScanPad0...
2017 - 10 - 12
Date: 21 th to 24 th AugustPlace: Expocenter MoscowTraditionally, at the end of August in Moscow, it runs some big international automobile forums. In this year the Launch took part in the 21st international exhibition of repair parts, equipment and products for car maintenance MIMS automechanika 2017, which took place from 21th to 24 th August at the “Expocentre”.As the leading manufacturer in diagnostic industry, LAUNCH showed their products and services at MIMS, as well as Brembo, Bosch, TEXA, ZF, TD "BILAYT", GAS, Dunfan, Car...
2017 - 10 - 09
Compared with the previous version: 1. New Functions 1) Added the IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) system of HEV type, HEV2 type, and NSX type. 2) Added the AT (Automatic Transmission) of SBW type and 9AT type. 3) Added the IDAS (Integrated Driver Assist System). 2. Optimized Functions 1) Optimized Read Data Streams, Read Freeze Frames, and Special Functions for the IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) system. 3. Fixed Bugs 1) Rectified the communication failure for the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) of some car models.
2017 - 09 - 30
Compared with the previous version: 1. new functions 1) Added SWS Calibration function 2) Added Automatic 4 wheel drive function 3) Added PATS mode 36 2. optimized functions 1) Optimize the software structure 2) Optimize the text library 3. fixed bugs 1) Action test display name 2) PATS algorithm correction
2017 - 09 - 30
Compared with the previous version: 1. New functions 1) Related Data Stream 2) Added functions Fuel Prime Routine 3) Calibrate Dynamic Volume Control 4) Oxidation Catalyst 5) Oxygen Sensor 6) Seat Cushion Replacement 7) Transfer Case Control Module Reset – Clear 8) Door Window Calibration 9) Driver's Seat Calibration 10) Door Glass Window Calibration 11) Set Air Suspension Control Module Manufacturing/Freeze Mode 12) Set Air Suspension Geometry 13) Set Air Suspension Tight Tolerance Mode (Headlamp Setting) 14) Stepper Motor Initialisation 15) Throttle Valve Actuator 16) Engine Control ...
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