2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) AUDI: Added Audi third-generation anti-theft matching function, optimized Audi remote key learning function and added Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda key learning and remote key learning functions; 2) CHRYSLER: Added anti-theft system type 13 and type 14;3) OPEL: Added remote matching function for Ampera and Antara;4) ZOTYE: Added support to Domy X7, Sesame E30, E200, T300, T500, T700, Z360 and Z560;5) Faw-Besturn: Added anti-theft function for X40; 6) TOYOTA: Updated anti-theft key function; 7) NISSAN: Added key quick matching te...
2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) FIAT: Added oil reset function of new modes for Fiat 500, 500L, 500X, CINQUECENTO, DOBLO, DUCATO, FIORINO QUBO, FREEMONT, Novo Uno FL, OTTIMO, PANDA, PUNTO EVO, VIAGGIO, EGGA/TIPO, TORO, GIULIETTA, MITO,4C, GIULIA, YPSILON, FLAVIA, 300/MAGNUM/CHARGER(Pre-2011)/THEMA, TOWM & COUNTRY/CARAVAN/VOYAGER and RENEGADE models; 2) OPEL: Added OPEL Insignia-B, Corsa-E, Astra K, Karl/Viva, Combo D, Crossland X and Grandland X models; 3) GM: Added support to mdi models; 4) MAZDA: Modified menus and added 2016-2018 MAZDA MX-5, MAZDA6/ATENZA, MAZDA3/AXELA, CX-5, MAZDA2/DEM...
2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) OPEL: Added DPF regeneration function for 2004-2018 OPEL Agila B, Astra H, Astra J, Astra K, CaptivaLong Body, Cascada, Combo, Combo D, Corsa C, Corsa D, Corsa E, Crossland X, Grandland X, Insignia, Insignia B, Meriva, Meriva B, Mokka, Movano B, Vectra C/Signum, Vivaro B, Zafira B and Zafira C models; 2) GM: Added mdi models; 3) MAZDA: Modified manual menu, added 2016-2018 MAZDA2/DEMIO, CX-3, MX-5/ROADSTER, CX-9, MAZDA2/DEMIO models; 4) PEUGEOT: Added support to other modes;5) CITROEN: Added support to other modes;6) SGM: Added menu for Encore/Trax/Equinox model...
2019 - 02 - 22
Optimization Functions:1) Optimized version information, configuration information, and special functions for all car models as of 2005;2) Optimized the vehicle mileage reading function.
2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) NISSAN: Newly developed;2) FORD: Newly developed;3) OPEL: Added 2018 OPEL ASTRA-J, CASCADA, ZAFIRA-C and Combo D;4) GM: Added mdi models;5) MAZDA: Newly developed;6) SGM: Added rear brake caliper extension and retraction;7) VOLVO: Added 2018 XC60(18-);8) SUBARU: Newly developed;9) HONDA: Added brake lining maintenance mode for ABS system;10) HYUNDAI: Added support to 2018 model year.Optimization Functions:1) PEUGEOT: Optimized brake pad function;2) CITROEN: Optimized brake pad function.
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