2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) Supported basic functions and special functions to November 2018.2) Supported the programming and coding function data to November 2018.3) Added the E83 programming function.4) Added the tire pressure refitting function.Optimization Function:Optimized special functions and basic functions such as Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, and Read Data Streams.
2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) CHRYSLER: Newly developed;2) HONDA: Newly developed;3) GM: Newly developed;4) OPEL: Added support to 2012-2018 OPEL Adam, Ampera, Ampera e, Astra J, Astra K, Cascada, Corsa E, Insignia, Insignia B, Karl Viva, Meriva B, Mokka and Zafira C models;5) MAZDA: Modified manual menu, added 2016-2018 MAZDA Escape/Tribute/Mariner;6) BMW: Added support to 2018 model year;7) TOYOTA: Optimized menu structure of battery matching function; added battery matching function for some models.Optimization Functions:1) PEUGEOT: Optimized battery matching function; 2) CITROEN: Optimized battery...
2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) Added the personalized setting function for the Transmission (TM), Body Control Module (BIU), Air Conditioning (A/C), Instrument Cluster (MET), etc.2) Added the coding cancellation function for the Engine (EGI), Transmission (TM), Visual system (ES), etc.3) Added the freeze frame function for car models as of 2012.4) Added the anti-theft function for car models as of 2012.5) Added the automatic induction lamp and wiper system.6) Added the following special functions: input VIN, start count reading ECU to TOOL, start count writing TOOL to ECU, transmitter ID registrationFixed B...
2019 - 02 - 22
New Function:Added ESP sensor calibration, injector calibration code, engine oil replacement request lamp initialization and ADAS related functions to special function menu under main menu.Fixed Bug:Fixed the issue of unsuccessful engine code clearing for some old cars.
2019 - 02 - 22
New Functions:1) Added the diagnostic function for the PCM4.1, lane change assistance system, emergency call system, tuner, and external amplifier of 981/991.2) Added the diagnostic function for the DVD changer, PCM4.1, TV tuner, emergency call system, external amplifier, and ambient view system of Macan.3) Added the diagnostic function for the DVD changer, PCM4.1, high voltage charger, emergency call system, headlamp, tuner, trailer hitch, external amplifier, external loudspeaker, ambient view system of Cayenne(92A).4) Added the diagnostic function for the high voltage charger of Panamera(970...
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