ETS RESET Diagnostic Software Upgrades (Throttle Adaptation) (V10.70)

Date: 2019-02-20
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New Functions:

1) GM: Added support to mdi models;

2) MAZDA: Modified manual menu, added 2016-2018 MAZDA2 (Europe), MAZDA6 (China), Biante (Japan), MAZDA2 (EURO STG3/4 Specs.) and other models;

3) BMW: Added support to other modes;

4) SGM: added 2018 ATS, ATSL, CT6, CTS, GL8, SRX, Velite, XT5, XTS, Aveo, Encore, Elcanve, Trax, Epica, Regal, LaCrosse, Cruze, Camaro, Malibu, Sail, Spark, Verano and Volt models;

5) BENZ: Added support to other modes;

6) CHRYSLER: Added support to other modes;

7) VOLVO: Added 2017-2018 S60, 2018 V40 and 2018 V60;

8) OPEL: Added throttle matching function for 2010-2018 OPEL Meriva B, Antara, Corsa E, Astra K, Karl Viva and Insignia B;

9) HYUNDAI: Added support to 2018 model year;

Optimization Functions:

1) PEUGEOT: Optimized throttle matching function;

2) CITROEN: Optimized throttle matching function;

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