PORSCHE Diagnostic Software Upgrades (V23.40)

Date: 2019-02-22
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New Functions:

1) Added the diagnostic function for the PCM4.1, lane change assistance system, emergency call system, tuner, and external amplifier of 981/991.

2) Added the diagnostic function for the DVD changer, PCM4.1, TV tuner, emergency call system, external amplifier, and ambient view system of Macan.

3) Added the diagnostic function for the DVD changer, PCM4.1, high voltage charger, emergency call system, headlamp, tuner, trailer hitch, external amplifier, external loudspeaker, ambient view system of Cayenne(92A).

4) Added the diagnostic function for the high voltage charger of Panamera(970).

5) Added the VO refitting function for Cayenne(92A), Cayenne(9YA), Panamera(970), Panamera(971), 991, 981, 718, Macan, 918s, GT4.

6) Added the online coding function for Cayenne(9YA) and Panamera(971).

Optimization Functions:

1) Optimized the coding funcion for Cayenne (92A), Panamera 970, 991, 981 Cayenne(9YA), Panamera(971).

2) Updated the text libraries in Chinese.

Fixed Bugs:

1) Fixed the following special functions for Cayenne(9PA): horizontal height system inflation/bleeding, height sensor calibration

2) Fixed the following special function for Panamera(970): steering angle sensor calibration

3) Fixed the following special functions for Cayenne(9YA) and Panamera(971): gateway system data streams, PCM entertainment system DTCs

4) Fixed the function Data Streams for the Engine and Instrument Panel systems of 997.

5) Fixed the functions Version Information and Data Streams for the PSM system of Cayenne(9PA).

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