BRAKE RESET Diagnostic Software Upgrades (Electrical Parking Brake Reset) (V10.70)

Date: 2019-02-22
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New Functions:

1) NISSAN: Newly developed;

2) FORD: Newly developed;

3) OPEL: Added 2018 OPEL ASTRA-J, CASCADA, ZAFIRA-C and Combo D;

4) GM: Added mdi models;

5) MAZDA: Newly developed;

6) SGM: Added rear brake caliper extension and retraction;

7) VOLVO: Added 2018 XC60(18-);

8) SUBARU: Newly developed;

9) HONDA: Added brake lining maintenance mode for ABS system;

10) HYUNDAI: Added support to 2018 model year.

Optimization Functions:

1) PEUGEOT: Optimized brake pad function;

2) CITROEN: Optimized brake pad function.

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