Notification about Diagnostic Software Update Adjustment

Date: 2016-11-15
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Hello All 

Please kindly note that LAUNCH decide to do some adjustment about diagnostic software update regulation from now on. Details as follows

1.  Regarding to diagnostic software updatewe only support for updating to new version . After updatedcant download the former version

2.User can only notice the latest versionif the software under our warranty period. For examplethe version of the software you are using is 13.00 and our latest version for this software is 15.00you can notice only the V15.00

3. User can only notice and download the latest version before the expiration date, if the software out of warranty period. For examplethe latest version of the software is 13.00 before expirationyou can only notice and download the V13.00 for using. For more newest version of software you can purchase software update.




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