LANDROVER Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series

Date: 2017-09-30
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Compared with the previous version: 1. New functions 1) Related Data Stream 2) Added functions Fuel Prime Routine 3) Calibrate Dynamic Volume Control 4) Oxidation Catalyst 5) Oxygen Sensor 6) Seat Cushion Replacement 7) Transfer Case Control Module Reset – Clear 8) Door Window Calibration 9) Driver's Seat Calibration 10) Door Glass Window Calibration 11) Set Air Suspension Control Module Manufacturing/Freeze Mode 12) Set Air Suspension Geometry 13) Set Air Suspension Tight Tolerance Mode (Headlamp Setting) 14) Stepper Motor Initialisation 15) Throttle Valve Actuator 16) Engine Control Module Mass Air Flow Adaption Clear 17) Engine Control Module Low Pressure EGR Adaption Clear 18) Injector Replacement 19) Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement 20) Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Identification Display 21) Added function Air suspension calibration, 22) Air suspension deflation 23) Air suspension inflation 24) Air suspension pre-geometry 25) Air suspension transportation/customer mode 26) Brake sensor set-up 27) Electric parking brake clutch calibration 28) Particle filter regeneration 29) Reset the diesel particulate filter stored values 30) Oil service counter reset 31) Front axle sensor and/or rear axle sensor 32) Right headlamp and/or left headlamp 33) Steering column calibration 34) Engine fuel priming routine 35) Fuel burn heater - fuel prime application 36) Fuel burn heater - operation check 37) Fuel burning heater – fuel priming routine 38) Fuel prime routine 39) Idle speed control 40) OBDII readiness tests 41) Petrol engine control module adaption clear 42) Purge valve self test 43) Transmission control module adaptation clear 44) Immobilization set-up 45) Evaporative system leak check 46) High pressure fuel pump replacement reset 47) Lambda sensor gain adjustment reset 48) Injector replacement resets 49) Exhaust gas recirculation valve replacement reset 50) Turbocharger replacement reset 51) Mass air flow sensor replacement reset 52) Diesel particulate filter pressure sensor replacement reset 53) Ignition cycle counter reset 54) Reset compressor protection counter 55) Reset water in fuel detection 56) Reset selective catalyst reduction quality monitor 57) Reset selective catalyst reduction start inhibit 58) Parking aid control module reset configuration state. 59) Speed control alignment 60) Activate telematics control module 61) Activate glow plug control 62) ABS configuration clear 63) Calibration learn 64) Absolute position sensor replacement 65) Activate test picture 66) Telematics control module battery replacement reset 67) Roof blind Calibration 68) Service mode disabled 69) System flush 70) High oil temperature reset 71) Battery replacement 72) Head up display control module reset 73) Parking aid control module reset 74) Oil change reset 75) ABS control module configuration clear 76) Configure new ABS control module or steering angle sensor calibration 77) Oil dilution reset 78) Oil service counter level 79) Seat calibration 80) Seat cushion replacement 81) Service interval reset 82) Transmission control module adaptation clear 83) Transmission control module clear oil degradation counter 84) Transmission control module clear self-learning data 85) Transmission control module neutral learn 86) Steering angle sensor calibration 87) Display injector correction factors 88) Injector cycle test 89) Injector leak back test 90) Inlet metering valve 91) Reset the diesel particulate filter stored values 92) Clear lost keyfob transmitters 93) Last alarm activations 94) Program additional transponders 95) Program new keyfob transmitters 96) Program new transponders 97) Passenger's side - Door glass window calibration 98) Driver's side - Door glass window calibration 99) Steering column lock module 100) ECU version information for the model XJ(2002-2009), S-TYPE(1999-2008), X-TYPE(2001-2008), XK(2003-2006) 2. Optimized functions 1) Optimized Automatically Search Function 3. Fixed bugs None
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