Diagnostic Software Update (October, 2021)

Date: 2021-11-25
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USAFORD (V48.70)

1) Added or improved basic functions for all systems of Focus (2018-2021), Fiesta (2018-2021), EcoSport (2018-2021), Edge (2020-2021), Escape (2020-2021), Mustang (2021), Navigator  (2018-2021), Ranger (2018-2021), Transit (2018-2021), Transit Connect (2018-2021), F-150 (2021), Everest (2018-2021), Expedition (2018-2021), Bronco (2021), Explorer (2020-2021), Aviator  (2020-2021), Puma (2019-2021), Corsair (2020-2021), Mach-E (2021).

2) Added or improved ADAS functions including HCM(Headlamp Control Module) Calibration, Side Obstacle Detection Control Module Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC) Configuration and more for online models such as Aviator (2020-2021), Puma (2019-2021), Corsair (2019-2021), Edge (2021), Escape (2019-2020), Everest (2018), Explorer (2019-2021), F-150 (2021), Fiesta  (2018-2019), Focus (2018-2019), Mach-E (2021), Nautilus (2020-2021), Mustang (2021), Navigator (2018-2020), Transit (2019-2021), etc.

3) Added or improved Particulate Filter Static Regeneration, Reset The Particulate Filter Learned Values, Reset The Particulate Filter Pressure Sensor Learned Values and more for online models such as Aviator (2020), Puma (2019-2020), EcoSport (2018), Escape (2020-2021), Everest (2018), Focus (2018-2020), Nautilus (2020-2021), Ranger (2018-2019), Transit (2019-2020), Transit Connect (2018-2020), etc.

4) Added or improved ABSCalibration, ABSModule Bleed Configuration, Brake Master Cylinder Pressure Transducer Calibration, HCU Coil Solenoid Calibration, Brake System Pressure Bleeding and more for online models such as Aviator (2020), Bronco Sport (2021), Puma (2019-2020), Corsair (2020-2021), EcoSport (2018-2019), Edge (2021), Escape (2020-2021), Everest (2019-2020), Expedition (2018-2021), Explorer (2020-2021), F-150 (2021), Focus (2019-2021), Transit (2019-2021), etc.

5) Added or improved EPB Initialization, EPB Service Tools and more for online models such as Aviator (2020-2021), Bronco Sport (2021), Corsair (2020-2021), Escape (2020-2021), Expedition (2018-2021), Explorer (2020-2021), F-150 (2021), Focus (2018-2021), Mach-E (2021), Navigator (2018-2021), Transit (2021), etc.



1) Added ECU reading and writing functions for 10 models of Siemens Engine including MSD80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD87, MSV90, SIM271DE, SIM271KE, SIMOS8.4, SIMOS8.5 and SIMOS8.6;

2) Added ECU reading and writing functions for 5 models of Transmission including 9G_Tronic, DQ380, AL551, AL450 and 8HPXX.


AUDI (V28.81)

1) Added the online activation function.

2) Added the programming backup/restoration function.

3) Optimized the online functions such as online coding and online parameterization configuration.

4) Optimized the basic adjustment function for some car model systems.

5) Optimized system access for some car model systems.

6) Optimized the steering angle learning function.

7) Optimized the immobilizer function.


IMMO_BENZ (V10.03)

1) Added the key matching, password calculation (by adding keys), and replacement functions for the EIS types W203(K), W208(K), W209(K), W210(K), W215(K), and W220(K).

2) Added the reading and erasing functions for the engine types SIM266.


BAIC (V11.50)

1) Added basic functions (including Version Information, Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Data Streams, Actuation Test) and all special functions (including after-sales ECU matching and ABS bleeding) for 44 systems of BAIC BJEV EU300 (taxi), EU300 (driving training car), and EC3 (19 models).

2) Added basic functions (including Version Information, Read DTCs, Read Freeze Frames, Clear DTCs, Read Data Streams, Actuation Test) and all special functions (including steering angle learning and service reset) for 55 systems of BAIC BEIJING X5 and BEIJING X7.


HYUNDAI (V51.30)

Added 37 models ECU Upgrade Function with ENG/ABS/AC/AT/BCM/SMK/ESP/EPB/IC/EPS/AFLS System, such as Elantra(AD), SantafeSport(DMA), Grandi10/Xcent(BA), Genesis(BH), GenesisCoupe(BK), Santafe(CM), Genesis(DH), G80(DH), Santafe(DM), Veracruz/ix55(EN), H350(EU), i30/ElantraNeos(FD), i30(FDe), Veloster(FS), i20(GB), i30(GD), Elantra(HD), Grandeur/Azera(HG), Grandeur/Azera(IG), Tucson(JM), Sonata(LF), SonataHybrid(LFHEV), Tucson/ix35(LM), Accent(MC), Elantra(MD), GrandSantafe(NC), Sonata(NF), i10(PA), i20(PB), Accent(RB), Grandeur/Azera(TG), Tucson(TL), Tucson(TLe), H-1/iMAX/iLOAD(TQ), i40(VF), Equus/Centennial(VI) and Sonata/i45(YF) in General Area.


CHANGAN (V17.30)

Added 90 systems (including basic functions and all special functions) for Oshan A600 National VI, COS1° 2021 year model, Xingka C series, Xingka L series, Star 5 National V, Star 5 National VI , COSMOS EV, Oshan X7EV, and CNG model.

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